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Radiant Barrier Coating MAX (5 Gal Pail)

Radiant Barrier Coating MAX (5 Gal Pail)

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The LO/MIT-II and LO/MIT-II MAX are spray-applied attic heat barriers designed to replace standard foil radiant barrier. Sprayed to the underside of the roof, wall, or deck, this formulation provides consumers and contractors with a more efficient heat reflector (LO/MIT-II: e=0.170) (LO/MIT-II MAX: e=0.147). This radiant barrier coating is a silver-colored, non-thickness dependent, low emissivity radiant barrier paint. LO/MIT-II and LO/MIT-II MAX are specially formulated to lessen thermal radiation from the roof into the attic. When installed properly, this product will help reduce energy costs. 1 component system, no primer required. Cleanup with soap and water. Low-cost substitute for radiant barrier and metallic foils. No maintenance or re-coat needed when applied under roof. INTERIOR USE ONLY. Independently tested.

Low application cost Easy to install in retrofit homes Single component for easy application Non-thickness dependant Water-based, low VOC coating

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