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Spray Foam Chemical Supplies

Intex® Cloth-Like Rags, Heavy Duty (250/Box) - 10" x 11"

Intex® Cloth-Like Rags, Heavy Duty (250/Box) - 10" x 11"

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Intex Cloth-Like Roll Towels are an innovative advance over leading disposable shop towels and rags made from paper and pulp fibers bonded with latex (glue). Cloth-Like Roll Towels, Shop Towels and Paints Rags are five times stronger; work better in water, paint, grease and oil; and will not break down in solvents. They are lint free, streak-free, and absorb fast. Made from Precision-Fiber® Cloth (PFC®) Technology, (natural fibers hydro-entangled with strong polymer filaments) and embossed for added bulk and surface feel, these heavy duty wiping cloths simply out wipe, out last and outperform the compitition.

BENEFITS Effective on paint, dirt, grime, oil, grease, and much more. Used in homes, garages, paint shops, job sites and much more. ATTRIBUTES Color: White Size: 10" x 11" Material: Precision-Fiber® Cloth Qty: 250 wipes/Box

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