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FiFoil Reflective Masonry Wall Insulation - 24"

FiFoil Reflective Masonry Wall Insulation - 24"

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An insulation solution used on furred-out masonry walls, AA2 is remarkably easy to install and effective in improving building performance and comfort. Fi-Foil reflective insulation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. It’s designed to get you R-value for less, saving labor and material. With third-party verified code compliance plus an industry leading 10-year transferrable warranty, AA2 is a smart choice to insulate all your masonry buildings.

Two (2) Layer Reflective Insulation ● Outer Layer of Natural Kraft Paper ● Inner Layer of Premium Grade Aluminum Foil ● Fi-Foil Expander Technology Separates Paper from Foil ● Layers Create Two (2) Reflective Air Spaces ● Low-e Surfaces to Reduce Radiant Heat Transfer ● Quick Installation with Staple or Tape Tab ● Use with Wood Furring or Metal Framing ● 16" or 24" widths ● Perforated or Solid ● 500 sf Rolls ● Easily Combine with Other Mass Insulation as part of a Wall System ● Add up to R5.2 with just 1-1/2" Enclosed Air Space ● Verified Recycled Content >20% ● Meets ASTM C 1224, Reflective Insulation ● Meets International Building Codes (IBC) ● Meets International Residential Codes (IRC) ● Meets International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC) ● Meets Florida Building Codes (FBC) ● Meets Florida Residential Codes (FRC) ● Meets Florida Energy Conservation Codes (FECC) ● Supports Sustainable Design Goals

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