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Cool Machines CoolVac-23

Cool Machines CoolVac-23

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Damaged insulation material (water, fire and smoke) is heavy, and it requires an industrial solution to remove the heavy material. The Monster Vac are able to vacuum heavy, damp material into a disposable bag or directly into a truck or dumpster. All our Vacuums are designed with steel chamber band AR-400 0.64 cm, which eliminates the need for a replaceable liner. Cool Machines can offer 3x’s the wear life of our precision manufactured perfect balanced AR-500 steel fan blades. United with our proprietary Vacuum Saver design (optional), objects are removed from the fiber before causing catastrophic damage to the impeller fan, chamber and engine. Monster Vac comes with a Briggs & Stratton engine who are the largest gas engine manufacturer in the world.

- Weight: 295 lbs. - Dimensions: 42” long x 28” wide x 37” high - Engine: Briggs “Vanguard” V-twin OHV, 5 gallon tank, positive pressure lubrication, low level oil shutdown, oil pressure shutdown switch. [electric start] - Fan Housing: ¼” AR-400 steel fan x ¼” AR-400 steel chamber. - Blade Diameter: 20″ Diameter - Integrated engine block cooling air filter. - CFM: 3,600 - Water Column: 27″

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