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Spray Foam Chemical

Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Silicone

Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Silicone

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Chem-Trend Spray foam Insulation Release is uniquely designed to prevent Spray Polyurethane Foam from adhering to most surfaces that Chem-Trend® has been applied to. Chem-Trend® works great when applied to your spray foam gun or other surfaces to keep the spray foam from sticking.

Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Silicone is a blend of silicones and specialized parting agents that are specifically designed to prevent spray polyurethane foam insulation from adhering to most surfaces where the product is applied.

Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Silicone acts as an effective barrier coat to keep overspray of polyurethane foam insulation from adhering to items such as spray equipment.

Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Silicone should not be applied to personal protective equipment.


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