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Allegro Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator

Allegro Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator

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Our Full Mask continuous flow supplied air is made of silicone rubber for durability and will hold its shape even in extreme heat and cold. The double sealing flange provides an improved face-to-mask seal and a deep chin pocket provides a better, more comfortable fit. The replaceable polycarbonate lens offers a wider, distortion-free viewing area with an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating. A removable hairnet means greater comfort and fits easily under a hard hat. The unique “over the shoulder” hose design clips at the collar and an adjustable belt holds the air hose out of the way of work. Comes with OBAC quick connects. One Size Fits Most.

LENS: High impact polycarbonate (meets ANSI Z87.1) Distortion-free Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings Non-slip durable rubber five-point harness Mesh hair net minimizes pulling of hair Unique adjustable buckle system to lock in place SEAL: Hypoallergenic and chemical/ozone resistant Durable silicone rubber maintains shape while in storage Double sealing flange and deep chin pocket for better face to mask seal EXHALATION VALVE: Large diameter contoured exhalation valve design, for minimal breathing resistance Removable cover protects the exhalation valve form dirt, paint spray and from freezing DOWN TUBE & BELT ASSEMBLY: 90° elbow allows it to be directed over the shoulder and out of the way OBAC quick-connect plug with wide diameter and minimal air restriction Plastic clip to restrain airline hose from pulling on the face piece

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